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Ophthalmological examination

What does an ophthalmic examination look like?

  • Initial Consultation or Medical History - a discussion between the doctor and the patient about the eye-related issue. The doctor will inquire about visual disturbances, past and current illnesses, previous surgeries, medications, and family history of systemic diseases and vision problems. 
  • Examination - depending on the patient's needs and complaints, an evaluation is made on how the eyes will be examined. Sometimes eye drops are administered before the examination. Typically, anesthetic drops are used before measuring eye pressure using contact methods or drops to dilate pupils before examining the back of the eye (fundus). It is possible to examine the eyes of every patient, regardless of age, cooperation, communication, and body position during the examination. The examination is tailored to each individual.
  • Diagnostic Methods - each procedure is explained to the patient beforehand, outlining the process of the examination.
  • Counseling - after the examination, the doctor explains the findings of the eye and recommends further treatment.

Škara Kolega Polyclinic offers services such as vision examinations, determining prescriptions for glasses and contact lenses, examinations for strabismus, amblyopia (lazy eye), skiascopy (objective prescription determination), examination of the anterior eye segment on a slit lamp, and examination of the fundus (back of the eye). We provide a comprehensive examination and treatment for suspected glaucoma, measurement of eye pressure, corneal thickness measurement (pachymetry), examination of the anterior chamber angle (gonioscopy), Octopus visual field testing, Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), examination for cataracts, diplopia (double vision), examination and treatment of dry eye and complications due to diabetes, age-related macular degeneration (yellow spot disease), and eye examination in premature infants.

Specialists in ophthalmology and optometry, as well as subspecialists in pediatric ophthalmology and strabismus, are dedicated to your vision and eye health. Contact us with confidence!

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