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Škara Kolega Polyclinic - Ophthalmologist Zadar
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Škara Kolega Polyclinic

Škara Kolega Polyclinic is located in the center of Zadar in a newly equipped space with state-of-the-art equipment and an operating room. We offer ophthalmic services for children and adults.

Here, you can undergo complete specialist and subspecialist ophthalmic examinations, comprehensive diagnostic services, and surgical procedures.

Our team consists of skilled and experienced ophthalmology and optometry specialists and subspecialists with many years of experience in eye care and surgery.

Our goal is to care for the health of your eyes and vision from birth to old age. We approach each patient individually, patiently seeking the best possible solution for them.

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Ophthalmological services

Ophthalmological examinations

Discover clear vision with our precise ophthalmological examinations. Expertise, care, and the latest technology for your eyes. We see the world with clarity. Your vision is our concern. Reach out to us with confidence.

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Ophthalmological diagnostics

Reliable diagnostic services for the health of your eyes. Modern technology, experienced experts. Discover detailed information about your vision. We see more than eyes; we see your health.

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Surgical procedures

Safe and precise ophthalmic procedures for restoring vision and improving eye health. Expert surgeons, cutting-edge technology. Regain focus on your life with our operational excellence.

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Intravitreal injection therapy

Revolutionary intravitreal therapy with injections for preserving vision. Our experts provide precise treatments for eye diseases. Regain clarity of vision with our innovative therapy.

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Useful Information Useful Information

Ophthalmological examination


Initial Conversation

Physician-patient discussion about eye problems, previous illnesses, and medications used.


Ophthalmological examination

Depending on the patient's needs and issues, an assessment is made of how the eyes will be examined.


Diagnostic Methods

Each procedure is explained to the patient beforehand, and the examination procedure is described.



After the examination, the doctor explains the findings of your eye and recommends further treatment if necessary.

Our polyclinic Our polyclinic

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Advice for patients

Vision Changes During Pregnancy: What to Expect

In this article, we explore how hormonal changes during pregnancy can impact eye health, discuss common vision-related occurrences, and offer strategies for managing these changes. We provide practical advice for expectant mothers experiencing vision changes, aiming to help them maintain eye health and effectively manage these changes during this critical life stage.

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Preserving Children's Vision: A Guide for Parents

As a subspecialist in pediatric ophthalmology, I emphasize the role of parents in promoting the eye health of their little ones. I explain in detail the importance of regular vision exams at different stages of a child's growth and provide useful tips for recognizing the first signs of vision problems. The article offers practical guidelines that parents can apply to support the healthy development of their children’s vision.

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The Importance of Regular Eye Exams: Don’t Wait for Warning Signs

In our first article, I explained how many serious eye diseases progress without symptoms until it's too late for simple interventions. The article also covers the various examinations and tests included in a comprehensive eye exam, as well as the importance of customizing the frequency of exams based on each individual's age and health condition.

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Škara Kolega Polyclinic - Ophthalmologist Zadar

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